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With ongoing support of our after market services this program provides access to a full range of support tools including a global network of parts distribution and service providers.

Genuine Beverage-Air parts and high quality service are your best choices for original equipment performance and reliability. Our worldwide parts distribution and service providers are dedicated to providing quality parts and service to owners of Beverage-Air equipment throughout the world.

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Welcome to Beverage-Air: Your Complete Refrigeration Source. Beverage-Air would like to thank you for your purchase. You can now register your Beverage-Air equipment warranty online and receive instant confirmation of full registration status. Upon registering your equipment, you will be ensuring that Beverage-Air will be better prepared to meet all of your needs. All information provided is ONLY for the use of Beverage-Air so that we can provide you better service, now and in the future. No information will be sold, given or traded for any reason.

To get started, locate your equipment model number and serial number. This information can be found on the equipment data plate located on the inside left wall of your unit or on original product packaging.

Thank you for helping us to better serve you.

For complete warranty see next toggle.

Important: Please ensure you retain your original warranty registration card (customer portion) for verification even after you registered your warranty online.

Register Warranty

Beverage-Air Warranty Statement 032020

Warranty Verification – Click Here

Note: Additional Terms and Conditions of sale may apply. Notice: Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice. Contact factory for specific model agency approval. All prices are ex-works Brookville, Pennsylvania.

Where can I get a replacement compressor for one under warranty?
Parts Distributors – click here  for your local Parts Distributor.

Where do I send my warranty labor bill?
In order to submit your warranty claim, you will need a username and password. If you do not have this information, please contact Beverage-Air’s Warranty Department via e-mail at

Provide us with your company’s complete name, address, telephone, e-mail, and a completed W9 form.

All warranty claims are submitted electronically using Global Warranty (click to visit Global Warranty).

What forms are required for submitting warranty claims?
Warranty Payment Guidelines 2020


Danfoss Universal Controller Danfoss Universal Controller.pdf
Horizon Series Reach-Ins H Series 809~093a.pdf
E Plus Series Reach-Ins EP_Series809-015A.pdf
E Series Reach-Ins EP_Series809-015A.pdf
K Series Reach-Ins CFG_CRG_KF_Series809-046A.pdf
P Series Reach-Ins EP_Series809-015A.pdf
Blast Chiller/Chiller Freezers (BC, BCF Series) BAC5-10-12 english.pdf
Blast Chiller Reach-Ins/Roll-Ins (Williams by Beverage Air – WBC, WMB series) WBC/WMB.pdf
Sandwich Prep Tables (SP, SPE, SPED Series) 809-049A.pdf
Deli and Pizza Prep Tables (DP Series) 809-049A.pdf
Worktop Cook Stands (WTRCS Series) WTRCS 809-053A.pdf
Worktop Refrigerators & Freezers (WTR, WTRD, WTF Series) WTR_F_UCR_F_Series809-049A.pdf
Undercounter Refrigerators & Freezers (UCR, UCRD, UCF Series) 809-049A.pdf
Glass Frosters (GF Series) BB manual.pdf
Glass Frosters (SF Series) 809-002A.pdf
Deep Well Bottle Coolers (DW Series) 809-002A.pdf
Back Bar Refrigerators (BB Series) BB manual.pdf
Direct Draw Refrigerators (DD Series) BB manual.pdf
Milk Coolers (STF Series) STF Series 809-066a.pdf
Milk Coolers (SMF, SM, & ST Series) ST MS SM SMF Oper Manual.pdf
Mix & Bulk Milk Storage (MS Series) ST MS SM SMF Oper Manual.pdf
Miracool Merchandisers (MC260 – MC1300 Models) 79bc560002-01_C.pdf
Miracool Merchandisers (MC2000 Models) MC2000 Owners Manual 79bc560010-01.pdf
Maxi Marketeer Merchandiser (MM Series) 809-005A.pdf
MT Merchandisers (MT Series) 809-005A.pdf
Lumavue Merchandisers (LV Series) Lumavue Manual
Glass Door Refrigerators & Freezers (C Series) CFG_CRG_KF_Series809-046A.pdf
Countertop Refrigerators & Freezers (CR & CF Series) CF5 Series .pdf
Countertop Refrigerators (CT96 models) CT96_CT96GE_Series.pdf
Open-Air Merchandisers (BZ Series) 809-062A.pdf
Deli Meat & Display Cases (DMC, DMCS, SDC, SDCS Models) DMC-FPC-SDC Series 809-020A.pdf
Curved Glass Refrigerators & Dry Display (CDR & CDD Series) 809-061A.pdf
Novelty Cases (NC Series) NC Manual 3-4-11.pdf
Vuemax Open-Air Merchandisers (VM Series) VM Manual 3-16-11.pdf
CF3 Countertop Merchandiser (CF3 Series) CF3 Manual 2-7-11.pdf
  1. How do I order parts?
  2. Who do I call for service?
  3. How do I change my door gasket?
    • The door gasket is removed by grasping it in one corner and pulling outward and down. Be careful not to pull too hard because the plastic molding the gasket is attached to can break. To install the new gasket, start in one corner, pushing the arrow point extrusion into the slotted grove and work your way down to the bottom then across the bottom and then upward to the last corner. click here for more information (link to video)
  4. How do I replace the bottom door cartridge on the C / K / MT / MM / UR Series?
    • Open door approximately 90-degree to open position.
    • Using a 7/16″ open-end wrench, loosen both bottom hinge bolts until the door drops about _ inch. At this point, tighten on of the 7/16″ bolts to keep the hinge from being loose when the door is removed.
    • Remove the 5/16″ screw from the underside of the door, which is screwed into the square pin of the cartridge.
    • To remove door, lift door up to the clear bottom hinge, then move bottom of the door away from hinge and slowly lower straight down, allowing the door to come completely off.
    • Remove both Phillips head screws holding spring cartridge in bottom door. Remove old cartridge.
    • Install the new cartridge as removed.
    • Rest the door, frame side, against your leg with the handle at your feet. The gasket is opposite your leg and the spring cartridge is in the upper corner from the floor.
    • Using a 5/16″ open-end wrench, place on the square pin of the cartridge and turn counterclockwise until there is no tension against the wrench. At this point, the correct tension is set.
    • Install both plastic washers, with the horseshoe washer in between, with the opening toward the gasket. One person should apply a strip of masking tape from one side of the door, across the spacers and spring, up the other side to hold these parts in place while door is being installed.
    • The door must be installed in the open position in order for the square pin to line up and drop into hinge bracket.
    • Install 5/16″ screw into bottom of cartridge. Loosen the 7/16 bolt on the bottom hinge bracket and raise door to highest position and tighten both hinge bolts.
    • These instructions apply to left hand doors also. Click here to view door replacement video.
  5. How do I order shelves?
    • Click here to view shelf information
  6. Where can I get a replacement compressor for one under warranty?
    • Contact one of our Parts Distributors – click here for your local Parts Distributor.
  7. Where do I send my warranty labor bill?
    • In order to submit your warranty claim, you will need a username and password.  If you do not have this information, please contact Beverage-Air’s Warranty Department via e-mail at
    • Provide us with your company’s complete name, address, telephone and e-mail.
    • All warranty claims are submitted electronically using Warranty Central (click to visit Warranty Central).
  8. What forms are required for submitting warranty claims?

Should you not find your answer utilizing our Help and Support Portal, please contact our Technical Services Department directly at 1-800-684-1199 from the USA or 1-336-245-6400 for areas outside of the United States.  You may also submit your request via e-mail

For warranty service see above toggle or call our 24-hour Warranty Service Center at 1-877-866-1223.