Our Mission

Beverage-Air® is dedicated to being the global brand leader in every market we serve.  Leveraging our heritage of industry leadership, exceptional product quality and unmatched innovation, we offer a comprehensive range of refrigeration and food service equipment to meet a variety of industry needs.  Our goal is to design equipment engineered for success through exceptional products and excellent service to our customers around the world.  We consider their successes as a measure of our own, and relentlessly strive to deliver the best possible solutions to exceed their expectations.

Company Information

As pioneers for more than seventy years and counting, we are the industry leader in quality in the commercial refrigeration equipment designed for the food service industries.

Founded in 1944 by John Buffington, Beverage-Air® is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for the food service industry. John invented the first horizontal bottle cooler and filed the patent almost 70 years ago. In 1946 John brought his brother Herman Buffington into the business. Beverage-Air® has been synonymous with innovative, high-quality refrigeration products that set the standard for the industry.

Throughout its history, Beverage-Air® has remained at the forefront of the food service and beverage industries. At the core of our business is a firm commitment to our customers, the industry and the environment. We are constantly honing our offerings by incorporating research, innovation and responsibility to deliver the most complete line of equipment to the industries we serve.

Our vast array of solutions is built on next-generation technologies and a diligent focus on safeguarding food and beverages for consumption. We take pride in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art coolers and display cases that keep food and beverages cool, while maximizing product sell-through.

The Beverage-Air® portfolio of market-leading products includes glass door merchandisers, low temperature display merchandising cabinets, reach-in merchandiser coolers, under-counter coolers, worktop and food preparation tables, beer dispensing equipment, refrigerated and dry display cases, back bar, curved glass merchandisers, counter top refrigerators, and deli display cases.

Whether you operate a convenience store, supermarket, restaurant or other retail environment, Beverage-Air® has a full range of premium refrigeration and food service equipment solutions to meet your diverse needs.

Corporate Responsibility

Beverage-Air’s® commitment to responsible corporate citizenship infuses every aspect of our business  from the quality of our products and services, to the dedication of our people, and in the many ways we contribute to the well-being of our communities.

A Total Commitment To Our Customers

Beverage-Air® has a clear track record for social responsibility that starts with our customer-focused mission statement and culminates in responsible business policies and practices.

The ongoing strength of our business rests upon deep and trusted relationships with all of our customers – from large restaurant and convenience store chains so small, family-owned operations.

A Drive To Exceed Expectations

In every instance, we strive to understand and continually exceed expectations.  We constantly scrutinize our products and processes, setting our standards even higher to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

We consider our customers’ successes as a measure of our own, and are dedicated to providing the utmost support in the attainment of that goal.

A Portfolio Of Energy-Efficient Products

The business of living demands that we conserve energy. Given that reality, conserving energy efficiently and reducing consumption whenever possible is the only responsible approach. Beverage-Air’s products enable our customers to reduce energy consumption through state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

A Proven History Of Product Excellence

From our high-end commercial refrigeration units to our reach-in coolers and display cases, Beverage-Air® refrigeration and food service equipment is distinguished by some of the highest energy efficiency ratings in the industry.

ENERGY STAR®  Compliance

ENERGY STAR  offers consumers and businesses energy-efficient choices that give individuals the power to save energy and protect our planet. To earn the ENERGY STAR, products must meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy.

Beverage-Air® is proud to offer a wide range of commercial refrigeration equipment that not only meets, but exceeds, these stringent guidelines set by the EPA and Department of Energy.

Environmental Leadership & Responsibility

As a leader in the commercial refrigeration industry, Beverage-Air® is firmly committed to balancing our business objectives with the responsibility to protect and preserve the environment.  We pursue environmentally sound business practices and strive to create innovative, non-ozone depleting, energy-efficient products.


Beverage-Air® has taken aggressive action to meet global requirements for the phase out of harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that deplete the ozone layer and advance global warming.  We consistently deliver innovative, energy-efficient products using ozone-friendly refrigerants that exceed regulatory guidelines.

Advancing The Industry Through Innovation

“A way to do things better” was the founding principle of Beverage-Air®.  In 1944, Herman Buffington decided there must be a better way to cool bottles than the cold-wall, wet or dry boxes then in use.  His vision and ingenuity sparked the development of the forced-air bottle cooler – and our company was born.

To this present day, our market-leading products garner industry recognition, including the prestigious Kitchen Innovation Award for product excellence.  Creating exceptional, energy-efficient equipment is one of the many ways we stay at the forefront of the industry.

Forward-Thinking Product Development

Challenging the status quo through innovation and continual product development is at the heart of our business.  We leverage state-of-the-art technology, engineering and manufacturing expertise, and a total commitment to quality, to bring innovative, energy-efficient products to the market.

Our diverse array of food service equipment helps make our customers’ work easier, more efficient, and more productive.  More than just a line of refrigeration solutions, we bring innovations that yield unprecedented flexibility, cost-savings and performance.

Our Core Values

  • To provide exceptional products and excellent service.
  • To understand and continuously exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • To provide our customers a competitive advantage with exceptional products.
  • To promote teamwork, trust and honesty throughout the company.
  • To promote an environment conducive to continuous self-improvement.
  • To maintain a safe and clean working environment.

  • To conduct all business ethically and with integrity.
  • To continually protect the environment through efficient, waste-free processes and maximum recycling.
  • To develop strategic partnerships with vendors who embody our core values, providing increased value to our customers.

Code Of Ethics

We consistently pursue fair and ethical standards:

  • In the design and delivery of quality products and services to our customers

  • In our trusted relationships with industry partners

  • In the personal and professional development of our employees

  • In the production of innovative, non-ozone depleting, energy-efficient products

  • In our active support of communities where we live and do business